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Tetra Fields LLC brings together preeminent healthcare expertise with leading IT capabilities to provide best-in-class solutions to public sector clients in healthcare.


Data Management and Utilization

We at Tetra Fields know how important it is to design the right data model for our clients’ enterprise data needs. As the need to process more and more data in real time increases, storing data in the most logical and efficient way determines whether it can be used to provide insightful, meaningful analytics. Our data capabilities include:

  • Data Architecture and Warehousing

  • Business Intelligence and Reporting

  • Data Cleanup and ETL/ ELT

  • Data Governance


Application Development and Process Engineering

Tetra Fields approaches every development project from a process engineering perspective to craft optimized solutions that integrate seamlessly with client workflows.

  • Full stack expertise across a wide range of technology stacks.

  • Workflow deconstruction and mapping, then optimized reconstruction according to doctoral expertise.

  • Automation of tasks to reduce burden and enable people to focus on work that requires human intervention. 

  • Intuitive UX/UI with Human-Centered Design (HCD), crafted in close collaboration with users and other stakeholders, leveraging extensive research, and fine-tuned with user and stakeholder testing. 

  • Leading expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning, able to craft algorithms to maximize accuracy and precision by design.  

  • Cloud Native Application Development (AWS).

  • Expertise in open source and proprietary environments.

  • Data Encryption and Security

App Dev Proc Eng
Health IT

Health Information Technology

Tetra Fields offers robust Health IT solutions. Our engineers are up to date on the latest standards for interoperability and data exchange from HL7, ONC, and CMS final rules. Our expertise simplifies Health IT modernization. 

  • Health IT Modernization

  • Data standardization and harmonization for enhanced interoperability.

  • Advanced capabilities for converting data from HL7v2 and C-CDA to FHIR.

  • Adherence to USCDI standards for efficient, standardized, and reliable data exchange.

  • New API development to facilitate data exchange and compliance with CMS final rules.

  • Comprehensive Health IT solutions to empower better healthcare outcomes.

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Data Science

Data Science

Tetra Fields LLC specializes in data science, offering doctoral expertise in mathematics, statistics, and econometrics. Our capabilities include advanced analysis using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

  • Expertise in analytic model specification. 

  • Advanced knowledge of crafting AI and ML algorithms. 

  • Expertise in developing predictive models and forecasting to provide highly accurate and precise insights. 

  • Data analysis (e.g., R, SAS, SPSS, STATA) and visualization (eg., Tableau and Power BI). 

  • Effective communication of complex concepts into readily understandable language.

  • Ability to expertly leverage large datasets and perform complex data transformations.

  • Skilled in developing custom data solutions tailored to specific client needs and data characteristics.

  • Strong background in research methodology and analysis. 



Tetra Fields LLC excels in research, leveraging expertise in data science and healthcare IT to deliver innovative solutions. Our capabilities include conducting rigorous studies, developing novel methodologies, and producing high-impact findings.

  • Experience and expertise in conducting both quantitative and qualitative research.

  • Ability to design and implement research projects from inception to completion.

  • Expertise in analyzing complex data sets and deriving meaningful insights.

  • Skilled in technical writing and publishing research papers in high impact factor journals.

  • Expert understanding of ethical guidelines and standards for research.

  • Incorporation of advanced approaches to analysis, new covariates, and other insights from peer-reviewed research. 

Hlth Sci

Health Science

Tetra Fields LLC comprehensive mitigates risk using a layered approach, optimizes operations for better outcomes and lower costs, and bridges knowledge and capability gaps in healthcare. We specialize in applying leading-edge peer-reviewed insights and doctoral expertise in health sciences to simplify the complexity highly adaptive processes inherent to healthcare. 

  • Expertise in clinical quality measures (CQMs), electronic CQMs (eCQMs), and digital quality measures (dQMs).

  • Strong expertise in the update, revision, and creation of CQMs and eCQMs for 22 CMS programs. 

  • Analysis of all relevant data to comprehensively evaluate clinical performance at any level.  

  • Doctoral expertise in seamless implementation of evidence-based practices, leveraging implementation science and organizational psychology to maximize adoption and workflow integration.​

  • Doctoral understanding of health services and health systems research.    

  • Our experience and expertise serves to eliminate the 17 years of delay that typically exists between peer-reviewed research discovery and implementation. 

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